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The Finance Committee is chaired by the Oral Health Kansas Board Treasurer and other Board members. The Committee has the responsibility to ensure financial records are maintained accurately and completely. Members of the Committee also review and recommend the annual budget and safeguard the organization’s assets.

Krista Hahn, Chair
Chip Blaser
Melanie Simmer Beck

The Board Development Committee includes both Board members and non-members. The Committee has the responsibility to recruit Board members and ensure Board members are trained for their service on the Oral Health Kansas Board.
Jim Trotter
Marlou Wegener

The Communications Committee is comprised of Board members and non-members. The Committee has the responsibility to guide the communications strategies for Oral Health Kansas and advise staff on message development.
Sonja Armbruster
Lissa Staley
Marlou Wegener
Whitney Zamora

The Resource Development Committee is comprised of Board members and non-members. The Committee has the responsibility to create and execute revenue development strategies to diversify the funding base for Oral Health Kansas.
Bonnie Branson
Trina Morgan
Shawn Oprisiu
Niki Sadler
Whitney Zamora

The Advocacy Committee is made up of Board and non-Board members. The Committee is responsible for developing and recommending the annual Oral Health Kansas Advocacy Agenda. Committee members meet weekly during the Legislative Session and assist staff in forming advocacy strategies.

Barbara Conant, Chair
Rachel Alexander
Sonja Armbruster
Dawn Downes
John Fales
Megan Foreman
Stuart Little
Travis Lowe
Marcia Manter
Chuck Nigro
Jill Quigley
Kevin Robertson
Nick Rogers
Amber Sellers
Jonalan Smith
Preddis Sullivan

The Succession Planning Committee is responsible for ensuring an up-to-date succession plan is in place for a planned or unplanned Executive Director transition. In the event of a planned or unplanned Executive Director transition, members of the Succession Planning Committee are asked to serve on a Transition Work Group. The committee meets via conference call as needed each year to update the succession plan.

Jim Trotter


The Dental Champions Advisory Board is comprised of graduates of Oral Health Kansas’ Dental Champions Leadership Program who help administer the Dental Champions Program. The Advisory Board is responsible for engaging alumni to advocate for oral health issues in Kansas, help alumni stay in contact with each other and overseeing the nomination and selection of new class members.

Marlou Wegener, Chair, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas
Rachel Alexander, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Region VII
Barbara Conant, Kansas Advocates for Better Care
Dr. John Fales, DDS
Megan Foreman, Johnson County Department of Health and Environment
Kathy Hunt, RDH
Lucynda Raben, DDS
Brian Smith, Columbus School District
Ashley D. Swisher, DDS
Sharon Tidwell, Jones Foundation
Amy Seery, MD
Dr. James Trotter, UMKC School of Dentistry

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for working with the Executive Director and staff to serve as a design team in the development process with the consultant. Further, this committee will keep the plan forward on the Board Meeting agendas.

Sonja Armbruster, Chair
Chip Blaser


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