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January 13, 2021
Volume 12, Issue 2



Governor Kelly Shares State of the State

The 2021 Kansas Legislative Session began on Monday, January 11th by swearing in all Senators and House of Representative members. Governor Laura Kelly set the tone for the 2021 Session during her State of the State Address delivered virtually Tuesday night. Her speech focused primarily on the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including vaccine distribution, economic recovery, and returning kids back to the classroom. You can view Governor Kelly’s full State of the State message on her Facebook page or YouTube channel. A complete transcript can be found here.




Medicaid Expansion Still A Priority

During Governor Laura Kelly’s State of the State Address this week, she renewed her commitment to pushing for Medicaid Expansion saying, “So, if we’ve learned anything these past 10 months, it’s that every Kansan deserves health care they can afford, good health care facilities near their homes, and for our rural neighbors and friends, more access to telehealth services. That’s why I’ll continue to push, over and over again, for what 38 states across the country have done - to expand Medicaid to cover another 165,000 Kansans, to ensure that our rural hospitals remain open, and inject billions of dollars into our economy. Access to vaccinations and good health care...It’s the only way we’ll truly put this nightmare behind us.”

Oral Health Kansas remains a supporter of Medicaid Expansion and a member of the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas. Expanding Medicaid means over 150,000 adults living in poverty would have access to Medicaid dental benefits. The benefits are not comprehensive, but they have improved over the years, and Oral Health Kansas will fight to continue to improve them. Learn more about how to get involved in the fight for Medicaid Expansion through the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas.



Teach Science And Healthy Habits

As kids are spending more time at home, you may be looking for activities to keep them busy while having fun and learning at the same time! Our Acid Attack Kit is a hands-on experiment that shows the process of dental decay (cavities). We have demonstrated our kit at exhibits and workshops and someone always walks away with their jaw dropped.

Here is a video to see how the Acid Attack Kit works. If you would like to purchase an Acid Attack Kit or to find out more about how you can use it in your work or your community , email us at info@oralhealthkansas.org.



Bad Breath Behind Your Mask?

The COVID19 pandemic has required us to wear our masks and you may think the mask smells different but that may be your breath. You may not have noticed it as much before unless it was pointed out to you by someone else. Poor oral hygiene as well as what you eat or smoke can cause bad breath. Remember to brush and floss at least two times a day and brush that tongue! Drink fluoride with water to wash away food particles in your mouth. If your bad breath continues you may see a dentist for other concerns.

For many years, Oral Health Kansas has created helpful one page consumer tips both English and Spanish on Toothbrushing, Flossing and Bad Breath. Click here to view more one page consumer tips including Tobacco Use and Healthy Eating Habits.



Upcoming Events

As we try to keep you informed on national and state news, here are a list of webinars and events that may be of interest to you.

  • The DentaQuest Partnership and Forsyth Institute will present a webinar that explores how the human oral microbiome plays a critical role in human health and disease. Learn more here.
  • Health Forward Foundation is going to start a new podcast on moving healthy equity forward, the Forward Focus podcast. Learn more here.





Last week Delta Dental of Kansas celebrated the retirement of Junetta Everett, Vice President for Provider Relations for 33 years. Over 140 people gathered on Zoom to celebrate her career and her impact on the Wichita community and the dental community in Kansas. Junetta was a member of the second Dental Champions class and a charter member of our Dental Champions Advisory Board. She’s been an important part of our organization and the entire oral health community for a long time, and we are grateful to her. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement, Junetta!



Sugary Drink Display Sanitation

Out of an abundance of caution, we are suspending use of the Sugary Drink Display until further notice.

During this time, hand washing and social distancing is on everyone’s mind. We want everyone to have the comfort of knowing we sanitize our sugary drink displays. They are wiped down and cleaned off after they have been returned.



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