The toolkit and videos below are designed to help advocates of all experience levels speak up for the oral health and overall health of all Kansans. Use these resources for everything from finding your legislators to the Kansas legislative timeline.

Why Advocacy?
From the guidelines resulting in the cleanliness of our water to the distribution of funding in our community, policies effect almost every aspect of our daily lives. If we aren´t taking action to educate our policy makers, these decisions and policies will be made for us. It is up to us to stand up and have a say. 

Who Should Use These Tools?
Any individual and/or organizations interested in advocating for policy change in Kansas.


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Advocacy Toolkits Videos
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OHK Advocacy Toolkit Introduction


Journey of a Kansas Bill


Kansas Legislative Timeline


How to Find Your Legislator


Staying Current on Legislation


Developing Talking Points


Emailing Your Legislator


Making a Phone Call to Your Legislator


Conversational Etiquette


Meeting with Your Legislator


Advocating through Social Media


The resources on this webpage were produced by Oral Health Kansas MPH Intern, Board Member Whitney Zamora.
Thank you to Whitney for all of her hard work!

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