Oral Health Kansas has compiled a number of materials that we feel dental professionals may find useful as they work to improve the oral health of their communities. We encourage you to explore each of these sections.

  • Hot topics includes subjects that are newly emerging, show promising research, and/or may be addressed by patients. Some of these include 1) Motivational Interviewing, 2) Caries Risk Assessment, 3) Silver Diamine Fluoride, 4) Opioid use in dentistry and 5) Water Fluoridation.
  • Population Groups is a collection of information designed for dental professionals working with pregnant women, infants & toddlers, and people with special health care needs.
  • The ECP/workforce section contains extensive information on the Kansas Extended Care Permit for Registered Dental Hygienists. It also contains information for prospective sponsoring dentists and how community sites might explore whether offering portable dental services would be a good fit.

For more information about the sections above click on the corresponding tooth image below.

Hot TopicsECP/Workforce Population Groups

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