Why are healthy baby teeth important?

    Here are some startling statistics about the prevalence of tooth decay in our children:
  • 24% of children ages 2–5 have tooth decay
  • Children ages 2–5 from families with low incomes are more likely to have tooth decay than children from families with higher incomes
  • 53% of children ages 2–8 have tooth decay
  • 5 times more common than asthma
  • 7 times more common than hay fever
  • 4 times more common than childhood obesity

Nationwide, thousands of young children are put on waiting lists so that they can receive extensive dental care under general anesthesia. These surgeries cause physical and emotional stress as well as putting unnecessary financial burden on families and government health care funds.
Oral disease puts children at risk for pain and infection throughout their bodies, increasing hospitalizations and at times, tragically, leading to death. Children with untreated cavities often lose the ability to eat nutritious foods, concentrate, learn, socialize, and have a healthy self-esteem.

The goods news is that cavities are almost 100% preventable.

Helpful Resources
The best way to keep children cavity free is to begin early by educating pregnant women and families of very young children about ways to have good oral health. Here are some resources that might help:

Other Sites With Quality Oral Health Materials
Kansas Head Start Association
Fast Facts - Oral Health Library
Colorful, issue specific oral health fliers focused on pregnancy and early childhood. 13 topics- bilingual

WIC staff in Kansas? Order Fast Facts for free on WIC Publications Order Form

*If you are a government agency or non profit in Kansas,please contact khunt@ksheadstart.org to see if you are eligible for free or reduced rates.

Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center - Head Start

Sesame Street Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me
Songs, printables and games designed to help you and your child care for teeth together

National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Centerwww.mchoralhealth.org

What Every Mom Ought to Know About Fluoridehttps://fluorideexposed.org/fluoride-facts-every-mom-ought-to-know
Fluoride Exposed is an online evidence-based resource about fluoride and the safety and effectiveness of community water fluoridation.

University of North Carolina School of Global Public Health – Short videos on variety of topics including toothbrushing.


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