How to find dentists accepting KanCare (Medicaid)

  • All children enrolled in KanCare have dental coverage. For help finding a dentist for your child, use the Find a Dentist for Your Kid search tool on the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website at this link:
  • At present, Sunflower and Aetna cover some denture services for people receiving the Frail Elderly (FE) or Physical Disability waiver and United Healthcare cover some denture services for eligible FE waiver members. Increased denture services will be made available for all KanCare enrollees on July 1, 2023.
  • Call the phone number on your health insurance card to find out how to find a dentist near you who takes your insurance.
  • Be sure to let your dentist know that you're enrolled in KanCare or give them the name of your health plan when you make an appointment for care.
  • If you’re having trouble getting an appointment to see a dental care provider, call the Kansas Medical Assistance Program Customer Service Center at 1-800-766-9012 or your health plan’s member services department for help.

  • Click on “Find a Doctor”
  • Click on “Find a Dentist”
  • Select Medicaid Plans
  • You can then search for a dentist based on your location, Dentist Name or Practice Name.
  • Customer Assist: 877-542-9238


  • Enter in your Zip Code
  • You can then search for a dentist based on your location
  • Please remember to review the "Network" column and make sure your dentist is listed in your plan.
  • Customer Assist: 855-221-5656

To learn more about KanCare (Medicaid) or to enroll for coverage, visit

2022 Dental Benefits for Adults on KanCare

1-855-221-5656 (TTY 711)


Members 21 years and older receive $500 per year for dental services. It can be used for things like dental exams/cleanings twice each year, annual bitewings, X-rays, fillings and extractions and fluoride treatments.

A complete set of dentures can be provided every 5 years for those who are active on the FE and PD waiver programs.

1-877-644-4623 (TTY 711)


Two dental visits each year which includes the exams and cleanings, bitewing X-rays and panoramic X-tray every 36 months for adults 21 and over. Adult members have a maximum benefit of $500 per calendar year.

Dentures are covered for members receiving FE and PD waiver benefits. Eligibility is based on determination of need.

1-877-542-9238 (TTY 711)


Any members ages 21 and over can visit a participating dental provider to get screenings, X-rays cleanings and filling restorations (silver or white tooth colored). This includes scaling and polishing teeth. Members have a maximum benefit of $500 per calendar year for covered services.

Dentures are covered for eligible FE waiver members at no cost. One full set every 5 years.


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