Do you have an oral health story to tell about:
  • A person gaining access to dental services which led to changes or improvements in his or her life?
  • A person who cannot access dental services and is in desperate need of them?
  • A group of people who are improving access to dental services for people?
  • An effective way to teach children or adults about oral health?
  • Any other story that shows the importance of oral health in the lives of everyday Kansans?

In August 2018, Kalie Hansen shared her story with the Kansas Legislature leading to the first reimbursement rate increase for Medicaid dental providers in nearly 20 years. This reimbursement rate increase was a giant first step in improving the dental provider network in our state. Stories such as Mrs. Hansen’s, who had difficulty finding an oral surgeon to remove her son's wisdom teeth, can make a big impact on improving access to dental care in Kansas. Her full story was shared in our testimony to the KanCare Oversight Committee in 2018. Read it here. Please note: Kalie Hansen gave us permission to use her full name and picture.

Submit your story using the link below. We look forward to hearing your story as well as working with you to improve oral health for all Kansans. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Oral Health Kansas office at or 785-235-6039.

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